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New videos are released on:

Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday – Embarrassed Naked Female

Saturday – Practical Joke

Monday – Adult School

TUESDAY, JULY 16th 2019



DFP’s tribute to Reagan Lush, one of our star performers concludes with this retrospective on the amazing work she’s done here! We start with a story from her very first shoot: “Star Crossed” where a movie star is tricked into a sexy audition by a sleazy Hollywood producer! Then we move on to her incredible performances in the ensemble pieces “You Can’t Be Too Careful” and “Spa-Tastic”. But no retrospective would be complete without a look at Reagan’s reign as the queen of public nudity with a peek at her breakout role in “Cancelations & Confiscations” plus her 3-part epic “Take the Long Way Home”! Please Join DFP in paying homage to this mega-star!

Download Video until 8/15/2019

MONDAY, JULY 15th 2019




Adult School

Reagan Lush has almost made it to graduation and becoming a teacher again! She’s put up with the Vice-Principal’s sleazy deal and his groping hands. She’s even put up with the practical jokes of her oversexed fellow students. Now her cap & gown is close enough that she can see it, and as she relaxes in her dorm room she thinks back to her time as a student and realizes there were some good times too! With flashbacks that include Anastasia Rose, Sadie Holmes, Audrey Sugarsmak, Amanda Foxx, Maria Jade, Allura Jade and Bailey Paige her recollections get her turned on, and she won’t be the only one when you watch this!

Download Video until 8/14/2019

SUNDAY, JULY 14th 2019



Part 2″


Prom queen Reagan Lush is in trouble! First; she got herself arrested by beaning somebody with a punch bowl at the prom! Then she couldn’t stop bitching and insulting every cop in sight! So now the detective booking her has run out of patience with the spoiled young lady! After giving her a humiliating strip search in the squad room, now he’s about to finish that search! Then, when she realizes she’s about to get walked through the building naked she finally starts to crack and begs for something to wear. So, he gives her something back, but not what she was hoping for! So, she winds up completely exposed for her mugshots and it’s time for her walk of shame!

Download Video until 8/13/2019

SATURDAY, JULY 13th 2019


Practical Joke

Reagan is ecstatic to find out she’s won the “Blank Check Makeover” contest and can now get EVERY cosmetic procedure she could ever want! When she arrives for the initial consultation the doctor has her strip nude so they can see what she might need. He gets out a surgical marker and begins to make marks on her body as they look at all the options, but Reagan doesn’t see what we see and those “marks” don’t seem to have anything to do with any procedure! Until the “doctor” clues her in she never even suspects that she’s the latest target of a prank show called “The Nasty Squad” and even then, the doctor has one last important bit of info for the embarrassed damsel!

Download Video until 8/12/2019

FRIDAY, JULY 12th 2019



Part 1″


Yet another beautiful woman has shown up at the DFPPD! This time it’s prom queen Reagan Lush! It seems that when an argument broke out in the queen’s court during the prom, Reagan broke a punch bowl over another girl’s head! Even worse; the rich and entitled young woman admits what she did but refuses to even pretend to feel guilty. As the detective attempts to go through a simple booking, her ongoing complaints and insults drive him to decide that he’s going to add a nice slice of humble pie to the process! Reagan is about to learn a valuable lesson about the patience of civil servants!

Download Video until 8/11/2019

TUESDAY, JULY 9th 2019




The scientists are working on the Nanite Project again! When Dr. Lush accidentally spills what she thinks is simply saline on her lab coat things begin to go awry all over again! What she thought was saline turns out to be the nanites themselves, and these nanites have been programmed to “disassemble” anything man-made! Her embarrassment and panic grow as her clothes begin to vaporize piece by piece, but since she doesn’t have pacemaker or anything like that, when her clothing is gone at least the worst is over. That’s when her lab partner points out that she still has a few man-made items that can be disassembled!

Download Video until 8/8/2019

MONDAY, JULY 8th 2019



Adult School

A classic tale now available in one clip! At the beginning of the last school year we saw how Anastasia Rose and Maria Jade arrived on campus, how they went through the usual strip search for contraband always conducted by the creepy Vice-Principal! Once they underwent that humiliation which included being paraded through the admin building naked, at least things got better once they found out they’d been assigned as roomies! That’s when Anastasia wanted to “seal the deal” with her new roommate! At first Maria’s not into being with a girl that much, but Anastasia wins her over with a matched set of wands, and some sexy role-play!

Download Video until 8/7/2019

SUNDAY, JULY 7th 2019



The Vice-Principal has had Enough”

First, Ari did a striptease wearing lingerie that violated the dress code and disrupted his class! When she insisted that she had no idea why she did it, the Vice-Principal sent her to the campus physician, but he found no medical reason for her actions. When the VP tried to talk to her in the doctor’s office, she did it again! So, he decided to send a psychiatrist to speak with her, but when she didn’t find any indications of a problem either, he had no choice but to inform Ari she was being expelled! However, right in the middle of their discussion Ari launches into yet another striptease! He tries to be patient, but now he’s had enough of these antics!

Download Video until 8/6/2019




The Prank has repercussions”


Someone had their fun with Ari Parker, who wound up humiliating herself in front of the Vice-Principal as well as her entire class! Because Ari insists she has no idea why she did what she did or even how she wound up in a set of sexy lingerie, and since this could well get Ari expelled, the VP goes the extra step of having the campus physician perform a full examination to see if he finds and medical reason for what she did. Unfortunately for Ari; he doesn’t. So with her academic future at stake, she pleads with the VP to reconsider, but as they’re bickering, things go from bad and embarrassing to even worse and mortifying!

Download Video until 8/4/2019

FRIDAY, JULY 5th 2019



The Prank”

Practical Joke

Someone is having some fun with Ari Parker! When they realize that Ari doesn’t have any sort of lockout on her phone and tends to leave it lying around, and that she sleeps to music playing on it every night, her anonymous tormentor sets her up for a massive prank! The next morning Ari’s at class when something changes. She gets up in front of the class, and as the teacher is unable to stop her, not even sure WHY she’s doing it Ari begins a slow and sexy strip tease in front of him and the other students! To add to her embarrassment; it also quickly becomes obvious she’s not exactly in compliance with the Academy’s strict dress code!

Download Video until 8/4/2019

TUESDAY, JULY 2nd 2019



Not long ago the lovely and talented Dava Foxx appeared in a DFP story about a woman that hit “reply all” while sending a naughty email to a coworker, and she knocked it out of the park! Her performance was so good in fact that a client requested a custom video of the same story with DFP’s star performer Reagan Lush! So, enjoy this re-imagining of the tale of how a business woman makes a simple mistake that happens all the time, and in doing so finds herself in the clutches of her creepy boss and finds herself in the most embarrassing situation at the office that she could ever imagine! This time there’s a bit of a more…”definitive” ending too!

Download Video until 8/1/2019

MONDAY, JULY 1st 2019


Adult School

Anastasia Rose has finally found enough alone time for her secret! After her boyfriend got banned from the Academy campus, she snuck a laptop into her room even though internet devices are banned! Being careful to shut her door, Anastasia opens a webchat to talk to him! Just as their conversation reaches full boil though, she gets caught by the Vice-Principal! Of course, at the Academy there’s only one punishment for such offenses, but after he punishes her it turns out that not even a good spanking can quench the fires inside her! So, like the saying goes: if you can’t be with the one you love…

Download Video until 7/31/2019


SUNDAY, JUNE 30th 2019



First there was the embarrassing incident with Dr. Rose during the nanite presentation to the D.O.D. during a live teleconference! Then she got pranked with an emergency decontamination procedure for the enjoyment of her co-workers! After that Dr. Von Lux was unexpectedly turned into a seductress by an experimental cologne! Not long after that Dr. Phillips was driven into a sexual frenzy by another nanite experiment! Now a government investigation brings them all together in an amazing anthology for less than HALF the cost of buying all 4 separately!

Download Video until 7/30/2019

SATURDAY, JUNE 29th 2019


Practical Joke

Carmen Valentina has been staying at her dad’s for a few weeks while she relocates. Today she’s chilling in front of the TV after her errands are all done when she hears the front door open. She calls out where she is to her dad, but instead she’s shocked to see someone in a creepy mask walk in! He makes her strip in a threatening tone and then cuff her hands behind her back! Then he puts her over his lap and spanks her while taunting her about how helpless and completely at his mercy she is! Carmen is terrified, but when she finds out what’s going on and why she won’t know whether to be relieved or mortified!

Download Video until 7/29/2019

FRIDAY, JUNE 28th 2019



It’s been a week since Anastasia Rose came to stay at her dad’s during college break, and it’s been a week since a lost towel resulted in the coed accidentally flashing him! Things have settled back down and now all she has to deal with is his insistence that she get up at ungodly hours and not go back to bed while he’s at work, dress appropriately, not party all night, and generally not do anything that college kids like to do on break! So, when she decides to “bend” the rules a bit by falling asleep on the couch after he goes to work at least she’s in her robe and fully covered. So, it’s not like he’ll ever know right?

Download Video until 7/28/2019

TUESDAY, JUNE 25th 2019



Miss Bottom’s boss is fuming! When he had to go to a meeting, he told her to keep a close eye on the phones as he was expecting an important call. She did that, but she made a quick trip to the ladies room and missed that one call! Now he doesn’t have a maid for tonight, and he and his wife are hosting an important dinner party for company VIPs! Where is he going to find a servant that knows the details of a high-brow dinner party now? That’s when he has an inspiration: Miss Bottoms has certainly been to enough dinner parties and run in the right circles to know what’s expected from a domestic, and she owes him!

Download Video until 7/25/2019

MONDAY, JUNE 24th 2019



Adult School

It’s another dull class, and you’re bored. So, your mind begins to wander as you check out the teacher instead of listening! Ms. Valentina is a delicious, petite blonde with curves in ALL the right places! So, you begin to fantasize about what she looks like under that respectable outfit, and what might happen if only she really noticed you! You’re sure she’d never regret spending a little one-on-one time to a special student! Especially when you notice the subtle bumps in her skirt that imply she has a taste for classic lingerie! It’s just a pity that fantasy and reality can often be so different sometimes…

Download Video until 7/24/2019

SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd 2019




On a night out with friends; Reagan Lush makes the mistake of volunteering for The Great Pervo’s mesmerism stage show, but she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into! Once she’s been mesmerized, he starts simply by having her think she’s a duck, but soon enough he starts to shock and titillate the audience by making her think she’s a famous stripper doing her act! Of course; once she’s completed her dancing, it’s time for a nice hot shower with a very special bar of soap! When he sees that Reagan is a wonderful subject that his audience loves, he makes the decision to add a very special finale to the show as well!

NOTE: I ran into an issue because I accidentally wore a green shirt during the green screen filming, so the green screen is a bit glitchy. However; I doubt that anyone will be watching this story to see me, and Reagan is as gorgeous as always!

Download Video until 7/23/2019

SATURDAY, JUNE 22nd 2019


Practical Joke

Lauren Phillips has a big problem! She accidentally backed into her neighbor’s car! That would be bad enough, but it’s the worst possible time since she sort of forgot to pay her insurance bill and the policy is lapsed! So, when he offers her a chance to get out of the bill she jumps at the chance, even if it means a game of strip poker with a spanking if she loses! Things go from bad to worse, when not only does she lose, but she loses every hand! However, after she unhappily pays her penalty and is rubbing her sore ass, she notices something that shows her that she’s been totally played even more than the cards were!

Download Video until 7/22/2019


FRIDAY, JUNE 21st 2019



Anastasia Rose has come home to her dad’s new place for break. Unfortunately, her dad is old-fashioned and over-protective, so he doesn’t like the way his daughter dresses or the life she’s living, and tells her in no uncertain terms that while she’s in his home she’ll dress modestly, and not be (as he puts it) “running around like a hoochy momma”! As suffocating as he is though; neither of them is prepared for an accidental moment where it’s hard to tell who’s more shocked and embarrassed! Even worse: her embarrassing moment is apparently in full view of some of her dad’s neighbors!

Download Video until 7/21/2019

TUESDAY, JUNE 18th 2019



After the magic potion he bought from that old gypsy woman has blown up in his face twice before, Seph decides to try it on a real date! Unfortunately; he and Reagan Lush seem to disagree about whether it’s a real date or not. On top of that; he knows it only works a few minutes at a time, but he decides to go for it anyway! The results seem a LOT better, and Reagan Lush is very giggly and flirtatious…at least she is for the few minutes it works each time! In between, she’s awkward, embarrassed, and wondering why the hell she has less and less clothing on. So it seems like the trick will be to strike quickly while the iron is hot! It’s all about timing!

Download Video until 7/18/2019

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