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When the first DFP website went live back in 2010 it was the first site in the world devoted to original ENF content.  Unfortunately, it suffered from two serious problems. One on the front end that affected the subscribers, and one on the back end that affected DFP.  The first problem was that the web designer had oversold her abilities, and so the site soon become slow, stubborn, and often stopped working.  The other was something called “site rippers”, or to use my own term: “vultures”.

Please understand that even in its current format; a 30-day subscription gives access to roughly $500 worth of content.  The only reason a membership site ever existed was because people were saying they loved the videos, but couldn’t afford to buy them a la carte.  So this site was built so that everyone that wanted to enjoy DFP’s work could do so.  It was always understood that the site would affect DFP’s income, which might affect the ability to produce new content, but the trade-off would be a predictable, more stable income.  However, I underestimated how short-sighted some folks could be.  Some people signed up for a month, grabbed everything they could download, and then cancelled before the first renewal.  Others created their own subscription rate by again signing up and cancelling so they could just sign up again in a few months and grab anything new since their last time here.  What I had assumed would be a low-cost option for fans that I was willing to accept a lower income for soon became an income hemorrhage that endangers my company.  It also allowed pirates to sign up for a month, grab whatever they liked, and then run over to a hub site and illegally post the videos for free.

So, when I was approached by a somewhat new site called LoyalFans I listened to what they could offer and decided to give it a shot.  At this point there’s nothing on this site that isn’t available there in addition to a lot more.  Plus, it’s there permanently and will never expire.  Currently, the back catalog is being added while the new releases are also being released at the same time they’re released here and at C4S.  LoyalFans also offers two options rather than an either/or choice: you can subscribe for the same price as subscribing here and get everything, or if you only want a few videos, then you can buy them in the DFP video store simply be becoming a DFP follower (which is free).

Now, there are a few differences.  It’s a streaming site, so you won’t need to download and that will hopefully discourage the pirates to some extent.  As long as you maintain an account you can stream the videos you have, whether it’s as a free follower that’s bought certain videos, or as a paid subscriber with full access to everything.  Since most members here stream the MP4’s anyway, it’s not much of a difference in my opinion.

Because of that, and due to declining membership and increasing costs, this site will be closing at the end of the month.  It’s been a good run but things change and it’s time for something that works for both the members and DFP better.  However, I know folks don’t like change.  So, I’m making a special offer to the remaining members: send me an email from the email listed under your CCBill account, and I’ll send you a special link that will allow you to “test drive” the LoyalFans site for a week for free.  Hopefully, you’ll see that it’s actually a better value than this site was, and swap over.

Thank you for being a subscriber here, and I hope to hear from you soon and to be able to welcome you to a brand new DFP subscription site!

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