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The Classics Corner is the place for members to check out the older releases from DFP.  If a video isn’t currently available here at DFP (including here on the Classics Corner page), then you can vote to have it posted here the following month.  Votes are cast by sending emails to the address listed below, using the following rules:

  • Only one video can be voted for per email.  This includes videos in parts that were never offered as a complete clip.  So, Part 1 is one vote, Part 2 is another, and so on.
  • With a decade of clips available, ties are very likely.  So when two videos receive the same number of votes, the one that received a vote earliest in the month is considered the winner of the tie.
  • Each member can vote a maximum of three times a month, and you can only vote for a specific title once each month.
  • As of December 1st, 2019 only videos at least 1 year old are eligible for the Classics Corner.
  • Only votes from active subscribers as of the 1st of each month will be counted. You MUST use the email address on file or your vote cannot be counted.
  • Emails asking me to pick a video are not considered votes.

On or about the 1st of each month, the 6 winners from the previous month’s voting will be posted for all the members.

You can review the DFP catalogue HERE

Cast your votes for classic videos at this email




ENF – 2013

Evangeline Von Winter is sure that Kobe Lee got her promotion by stealing Evangeline’s work, but can’t prove it. So she invites Kobe over to give her a chance to come clean, but when Kobe still denies everything, Eve pulls out a little gadget she bought just in case. It’s a remote control for people! First she freezes Kobe’s limbs, then she makes her strip and pose for pictures that Eve threatens to send to HR! But when Eve tries to use the remote to teleport Kobe to the restaurant district, it malfunctions and Kobe manages to grab it. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and it’s Eve that’s having naked pictures taken! But will Kobe be able to get the teleport function to work, or will the naked women end up in a standoff?

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ENF – 2015

Although many of the ladies that work for DFP are professional models, every once in a while we do get to reveal a new, or even brand new model to the world.  People often wonder what it’s like for a new model to go through a casting audition.  So with the help of Ludella Hahn, we decided to show you!  If you like your ENF prolonged and squirmy, have we got a treat for you!

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ENF – 2014

Tara and Star are hanging out again.  This time they’re talking about boys.  Tara confesses to having a crush on David, a cool boy on the football team that’s really popular.  Star comes up with a plan to get him to notice Tara, and all Tara has to do is trust her…and order a pizza from David’s father’s pizza shop!  But when the delivery has a surprise, things don’t quite go as planned!

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Adult School – 2017

A CUSTOM VIDEO FOR A CLIENT.  Lizzy Lamb has a bit of challenge.  Now that she’s moved to the college part of DFP Academy she no longer gets to live in the dorms and is expected to find her own place to live.  Luckily Lizzy is friends with a girl up north named Tara (see “Public Domain”) who made a money-saving arrangement with a particular teacher Lizzy knows all too well when he worked there!  Lizzy has no bones about exposing herself, and giving up any claim to both modesty and privacy in return for a free room!  In fact she even has a few ideas on how to make the deal even sweeter for both of them!

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ENF – 2017

A CUSTOM VIDEO.  The next performer at a local charity fundraiser is a Mesmerist who needs a volunteer from the audience.  Luna thinks it’s all a joke, and so she volunteers in order to prove it.  However the Mesmerist takes what he does seriously, and so decides to prove his point while also making it a show to remember!  Despite her resistance, Luna is put under quickly enough.  Then he has her dance an awkward strip tease in front of the entire audience!  When he lets her be aware of things, Luna is mortified to be standing nude in front of everyone!  This gets even worse when he makes sure she can’t run away or cover up!  Then he has her do one embarrassing thing after another as the laughter grows and grows!  It’s when he reveals his plans for the big finale though that Luna finally realizes just how mortified she can be!

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ENF – 2011

Aspiring political figure Para Sailin’ has come up with another way to stay in the press…by becoming the spokesperson for a new line of fashions! Unfortunately a photographer (with the help of a little hypnotic suggestion) has other plans!

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Remember: this is YOUR section of the website.  If you don’t vote for videos, this page winds up like this.  There are 11 years of videos to choose from, so there really should be something you’d like to see.

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