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The Classics Corner is the place for members to check out the older releases from DFP.  If a video isn’t currently available here at DFP (including here on the Classics Corner page), then you can vote to have it posted here the following month.  Votes are cast by sending emails to the address listed below, using the following rules:

  • Only one video can be voted for per email.  This includes videos in parts that were never offered as a complete clip.  So, Part 1 is one vote, Part 2 is another, and so on.
  • With a decade of clips available, ties are very likely.  So when two videos receive the same number of votes, the one that received a vote earliest in the month is considered the winner of the tie.
  • Each member can vote a maximum of three times a month, and you can only vote for a specific title once each month.
  • Only votes from active subscribers as of the 1st of each month will be counted.
  • Emails asking me to pick a video are not considered votes.

On or about the 1st of each month, the 6 winners from the previous month’s voting will be posted for all the members.

You can review the DFP catalogue HERE

Cast your votes for classic videos at this email





ENF – 2017

Not too long ago we saw an airport security guard tricking women into stripping naked at the airport. Well, did you ever wonder what happened to any of those women? It turns out that TerraMizu was so embarrassed and flustered at being naked in front of so many people; she forgot her clothes in her rush to get away, and wound up flying halfway across the country without a stitch on! Presented as a story while the report is being taken, this is a chance to see what happened after the fun at the airport!

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Mesmerism – 2017

A CUSTOM VIDEO FOR A CLIENT. Now you can see the entire story in one video! Akira has been trying to quit smoking. So she’s been seeing a therapist for mesmerism therapy. When she arrives this week, her therapist quickly puts her under. That’s when the truth is revealed! Her therapist has been helping her, but not too quickly because each time she’s been in his office he’s been having some kinky fun with her too! Since he’s been instructing her to forget everything each time, this is the first time for her to experience this…again!

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ENF – 2017

A while back DFP released a video about Nikki Brooks trying to deal with a neighbor that kept stopping by who never knocked before coming in. Recently I was joking with one of the performers I work with about it, and she related a story about staying at someone’s house that was the same way. Inspired by that, I decided it might be fun to explore the embarrassing and humorous challenges to just such a visit. So, with the help of Savannah Costello, we did exactly that!

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ENF – 2018

Ever have one of those days where the same things keep happening over and over again? A doctor is trying to get through a very hectic day, and his first patient of the day has already arrived for her appointment. The doctor takes a look at her chart, and then get right to work. The patient seems confused though, but the doctor is focused on getting the exam done before they discuss things. Unfortunately, it turns out that there’s been a mistake and it turns out that he’s looking for the wrong problem! As if that weren’t bad enough, that mistake seems to become the norm, happening again and again throughout the day!

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Mesmerism – 2016

Imagine if you had three beautiful, sexy women under your complete control! Who would ever be able to resist having some fun, right? Well, Once Lizzy Lamb, Savannah Costello, and Taylor Knight are yours to do with as you please, it’s time to have them strip so you can see there luscious bodies, and maybe finish the last part by having them strip each other! Then it’s time to really sit back and enjoy the show!

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ENF – 2018

Seph has gotten amazingly lucky! He found a previously undiscovered Renoir at a garage sale of all places! Now a buyer has sent a wealthy and powerful attorney named Reagan Lush to finalize the details of the purchase that will set Seph up for life! Unfortunately, when Ms. Lush arrives she finds that a second buyer has been making a counter offer! Ms. Lush is at her budget limit, but for better or worse, Seph is still willing to work with her…because what does a hotshot, top-dollar lawyer value most but her dignity?

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