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The Classics Corner is the place for members to check out the older releases from DFP.  If a video isn’t currently available here at DFP (including here on the Classics Corner page), then you can vote to have it posted here the following month.  Votes are cast by sending emails to the address listed below, using the following rules:

  • Only one video can be voted for per email.  This includes videos in parts that were never offered as a complete clip.  So, Part 1 is one vote, Part 2 is another, and so on.
  • With a decade of clips available, ties are very likely.  So when two videos receive the same number of votes, the one that received a vote earliest in the month is considered the winner of the tie.
  • Each member can vote a maximum of three times a month, and you can only vote for a specific title once each month.
  • Only votes from active subscribers as of the 1st of each month will be counted. You MUST use the email address on file or your vote cannot be counted.
  • Emails asking me to pick a video are not considered votes.

On or about the 1st of each month, the 6 winners from the previous month’s voting will be posted for all the members.

You can review the DFP catalogue HERE

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ENF – 2014

Candle Boxxx has made another trip to see her therapist. She cancelled her last appointment, so he asks her why. It turns out that Candle’s been busy! Now that she’s accepted her fantasy of being exposed and embarrassed, she’s been exploring it! She tells the therapist how she was “accidentally” naked in front of a pizza guy, and how she “lost” her bikini at a pool party! She also tells him how an attempt to show off to her neighbor accidentally got out of hand! As embarrassing as each incident was, she also makes it clear how excited she was! So of course she decided she needed to come back and try to assuage her guilty feelings again…

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Part 3

Adult School – 2018

Principal Valora is auditing Ms. Brooks class today, but unfortunately the students are being their usual, lazy and smart-assed selves. So, Ms. Brooks decides to bring a few of them up as visual examples for today lesson. Unfortunately for the “volunteers”, today’s lesson is on the development of the female breast! However, when Principal Valora notices the lesson lacks an example of the final result, Ms. Brooks finds herself joining the students as a visual example! The students think they’re getting even, but Ms. Brooks just grits her teeth and bides her time until the lesson moves to the last chapter, and of course everyone can guess what the final chapter in a course about sexual development and sexuality might be! As the students realize with horror what they’re expected to share in front of the rest of the class, Ms. Brooks and Principal Valora decide to kick both the challenge and the potential humiliation up a notch! They inform the ladies that the last student to properly display an orgasm will be penalized by not being given her clothes back! Then, as they all furiously try to make sure they have an orgasm before the others, the teachers decide to have even more fun with an impromptu game of “Red Light Green Light”!

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ENF – 2013

When Candle Boxxx and Hannah Perez discover they’re both up for the same high-paying, high-profile job, their competitive natures really come out! While Candle is going on about her qualifications for the job, Hannah loses her patience and yanks her skirt down right in front of the interviewer! When the interviewer actually compliments her on her initiative, and ability think outside the boxxx…it leads to each woman trying to one up the other in stripping competition despite both of them being embarrassed about the whole thing! The poor interviewer has to decide who gets the job, but with two such OBVIOUSLY qualified candidates, how will he manage to do it?

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Interviews – 2017

This time it’s Allura Skye interviewing for a job at DFP! Also, this time the interview takes an unexpected twist! When we surprise Allura by asking her to strip as part of the interview process, she’s surprised and embarrassed as expected, but it turns out that Allura really wants to work with DFP, so she slowly gets more comfortable with the process, even letting herself enjoy things! It looks like Allura has a shining future here at DFP!

NOTE: This was intended to be an ENF clip, but Allura made the artistic decision to portray it more the way she felt someone that really wanted a booking would act. Her portrayal was so much fun; it was decided to release the clip as is without a retake. So although the embarrassment is only initially, this is a realistic portrayal worth checking out!

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Practical Joke – 2018

Cassandra Cain has a chance to win ten thousand dollars! All she has to do is find the keys to the handcuffs she’s in within ten minutes! Of course, there are a few extra hurdles. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge otherwise would it? She knows about the first handicap: she’s to be blindfolded during her search. The second is kept secret from her until the challenge has been won or lost. While she’s searching, our host is untying the knots of her bikini one at a time, so Cassandra is putting on more and more of a show! How does that make the challenge more difficult you wonder? Well, to be honest it doesn’t, but it sure makes things a lot more interesting!!!

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ENF – 2013

Lydia Lael and Rafferty play a pair of sisters. One day during a delivery, Lydia makes a discovery about her sister Rafferty that she never suspected! Rafferty has always fantasized about being seen naked, but she’s never had the guts to really do it. Well, what’s a sister to do if not help her beloved sister achieve her dreams? Of course when things become real, Rafferty starts to wonder if she’s up to the challenge.

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