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Alison Rey is a young actress trying to get her first break in a low-budget horror film!  She knew there would be nudity at the audition, but she figured it would be a closed set.  Closed sets aren’t for rookies though.  That’s the sort of thing the big names get.  Not only is it not a closed set though, Alison is completely shocked when she gets on set and realizes it’s just one set in a huge warehouse filled with the hustle and bustle of an entire production!  So, it looks like Alison’s audition is going to be a LOT more embarrassing than she ever expected and the stage directions she’s being given aren’t helping at all!

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Garnet Rose has a sexy surprise for her boyfriend!  When he told her his family is away for the weekend, she uses the key he gave her a while ago to get into his house and be waiting for him to get home from work!  She strips down to some sexy lingerie and waits a bit but then she decides to make an even bigger statement.  She slips on a collar, takes off the lingerie, and even puts in an RC bullet to make it clear she’s all his!  She puts the control for the bullet where he can get it and then goes back to waiting.  When she hears the door open she’s so excited, but she’s horrified when it’s not her boyfriend that walks in but her boyfriend’s stepfather!

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Adult School

After being “disciplined” by Dean Nyxon and Officer Slyyy, Ashlynn Taylor has been returned to her dorm room where she’s been instructed to wear her full school uniform regardless of being all by herself.  As she’s laying on her bunk there’s a knock at her door.  In walks the Vice-Principal, and he’s heard what happened.  He offers the student comforting words as he slowly helps her out of her uniform, and then he’s got to perfect cure for those special, sore muscles.  Of course, he has his reasons for being so nice.  Soon he’s recruiting Ashlynn to scout against the new Dean’s growing powerbase…

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Garnet Rose has a really good job!  She’s a maid for an eccentric billionaire and the job pays five times more than the standard rate!  Sure, she had to sign a truly massive employment contract to get the job, but she figures who reads those things anyway.  So, she’s really shocked when she gets called in front of the old fart to answer to a breach-of-contract charge!  She swears she would never do anything dishonest, but when he points out that he’s been told some of her curves may not be the result of nature and puts her in the control bracelets to prove it, Garnet finds all her secrets revealed in an embarrassing strip tease!

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Alison Rey didn’t think she’d be able to do her annual physical because of the virus, but her doctor’s office informed her they were doing over-the-phone appointments. So, Alison went ahead and figured the problem was solved.  When the day of her exam arrives though, Alison discovers that her physical may not be hands-on by the doctor, but it’s more hands-on for her than she could have imagined!  Alison doesn’t realize the size of her audience, but it may have something to do with why the tests are becoming more and more…probing!  All Alison knows is she glad this is just between her and her doctor because she’d be mortified if anyone else ever saw this!

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Ashlynn Taylor needs some cash, so she’s come up with a plan!  There’s a local dance contest with a grand prize of $10,000!  There’s one little catch though: Ashlynn can’t dance!  She’s got a solution though.  Not long ago her pervy friend tricked into putting on a pair of bracelets that let him take control of her body with embarrassing results!  If she can convince him to use the bracelets again to help her dance, she can win the contest.  There’s only one problem though.  She’s made sure he understands this isn’t a strip tease but not only is he a perv; watching strippers is all he knows about dancing himself.  So things go off the rails right from the start!

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Are you worried about staying safe these days?  Well fear not!  Nurse Slyyy is here with a PSA that will make sure you know everything you can do to keep pesky viruses out of your home!  She starts by showing you the best order to remove potentially tainted clothing, and then once you don’t need to handle anything, you can remove your gloves.  Once anything that might be putting anything nasty into the air is gone, she removes her mask.  Then it’s time to get in the shower for a good scrubbing, making sure to get everywhere!  Once she’s clean, Nurse Slyyy adds an optional step that may not really help you get clean, but will certainly help with any pandemic stress!

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Adult School

Shae Celestine has been locked in her room for weeks while the Academy has been on lockdown! During that time, she’s gotten herself off in every way imaginable.  So, when she remembers that one of the teachers is known to keep a little toy in her classroom she decides to see if she can find it.  It’s risky because the students are supposed to stay in their dorm rooms, but Shae decides it’s worth the risk.  Unfortunately, she may regret that because just as she lays hands on the prize she’s caught by the Vice-Principal!  Now she’s looking at some of the standard Academy punishments and she’s not at all happy!

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Recently Alison Rey shared an embarrassing dream she had with all of us.  Well, while were convincing her to share it in a video for everyone it turned out that she’d actually had a SECOND ENF dream the next night that picked up where the first one had left off!  Alison was really embarrassed about her reaction to sharing the first dream and was reluctant to share the second one.  We pointed out that she obvious enjoyed being in an ENF situation so sharing the second dream was a win/win for everyone!  So, here you can enjoy the second dream of how Alison got home from the diner.  We think you’ll enjoy it as much as she did!

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Practical Joke

Ashlynn Taylor’s old buddy asked her to stop by today and when she gets there, he has a favor to ask.  He has her put on a pair of bracelets.  Then he does something to them, and they begin emitting a strange red glow.  Before she knows what’s happening, he puts on an odd headpiece and that lights up too!  Then she starts doing whatever he tells her to do!  It’s obvious her buddy’s a perv because no matter how she tries to resist his instructions, he’s got her dancing a strip tease!  After that he decides to have some more fun with an extremely frustrating games of “Red Light-Green Light” that’s got her ready to explode!

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What happens when an intelligent, capable actress comes to work with DFP?  In the case of Alison Rey, she apparently starts having ENF dreams!  In a recent conversation Alison related a dream she had and the way she got a bit breathless as she talked about it made it clear that we had to share it with the world!  So, sit back and enjoy Alison’s recounting of her embarrassing dream with you!  Things got a little surprising near the end, and Alison was going to edit the video before she provided it to us, but we convinced her to send it as is.  Once we saw it, we knew it had to be included.  Alison took a bit of convincing but in the end, she said it was okay to keep it!

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The old perv got a special gift for his birthday this year!  It’s a watch that can stop time!  When he goes out to treat himself to lunch at crowded but socially distanced restaurant, he discovers another wonderful treat in the form of a petite and adorable waitress named Ashlynn!  Well, since the universe has brought all the right ingredients together, it would be a sin not to make this his best birthday ever!  He’s got a pair of scissors in his pocket, so he enjoys his lunch while also stopping time every now and then for a bit of “tailoring” the other patrons can’t help but notice what’s going on, but they play along to see how it all ends!

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Part 2


Missing your favorite sports programs?  Well DFP is here to help!  The coverage of an amazing young lady who’s been training for a year to try and set a very special record!  She’s going for a new endurance record riding a Sybian!  Complete with commercial breaks, instant replays, and color commentary DFP offers you the full sports TV experience!  Shae Celestine is in the final stretch of her bid for the new record aboard this monster to see how long she can deal with the earth-shaking movement and vibration of this amazing machine!  So sit back and enjoy the show as this beautiful redhead goes for the gold…over and over again!

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Practical Joke

Alison Rey doesn’t do fan calls.  They always want more than they paid for, and it can be a real challenge always pretending she doesn’t notice what’s obviously going on their end just below the camera frame.  Then one day she was contacted by an anonymous fan offering five times the normal rate!  That was too good an offer to just dismiss out of hand, so Alison told him she’d do it, but all she’d do was talk with him, and MAYBE do a strip tease for him if she felt comfortable.  Much to her surprise, he agreed immediately and sent the fee!  So, today’s the day…but the question is: will everything go the way Alison expects it to?

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Part 1

Missing your favorite sports programs?  Well DFP is here to help!  This week we bring you an amazing young lady who’s been training for a year to try and set a very special record!  She’s going for a new endurance record riding a Sybian!  Complete with commercial breaks, instant replays, and color commentary DFP offers you the full sports TV experience!  Shae Celestine does some warming up and then climbs onboard this monster to see how long she can deal with the earth-shaking movement and vibration of this amazing machine!  So get a bottle of something cold, a big tray of nachos, and pop the recliner back as this beautiful redhead goes for the gold…over and over again!

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Ashlynn Taylor is in trouble!  She came to the park with her boyfriend, but they had a big fight and he went home and left her!  Now she’s stranded with no money and no way home!  So, when she encounters an old man she begs for help.  He seems willing, but with the health crisis he’s leery of having a stranger that doesn’t even have a mask in his car.  But he has a plan.  He takes her to his house and has her strip so he can wash all her clothes.  Then he leads her to the shower to scrub her down!  While she’s in the shower though, Ashlynn realizes his intentions aren’t completely altruistic and even an already bad situation can always get worse!

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Kody Evans is still job hunting and today she’s got another important interview.  She stayed up all night the night before studying everything to make sure she was prepared to shine.  Unfortunately, when she arrived Kody discovered she was going to have to wait an extra hour, and then after that she finds out that it’s going to be at least another hour!  The receptionist tries to help by sending her an empty break room so she can relax a bit, but Kody is exhausted!  She doesn’t want to get her clothes all wrinkled but she really needs a nap!  When a text telling her to come to the conference wakes her she jumps out and hurries out forgetting one important detail…!

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Alison Rey is shocked when an actual alien beams into her living room!  It seems friendly though, and even though it’s not speaking English Alison is surprised to realize she can understand what it’s saying!  The alien has come to study something about human beings: it turns out that having two biological genders is rare and the alien wants to study that!  It’s a weird situation but Alison really wants to help, but when explanations aren’t getting the job done, she realizes that a more visual approach is required!  So, Alison winds up giving the alien a tour of the female anatomy! But when the alien realizes its species is male, it leads to a surprisingly close encounter!

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