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New videos are released on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at the moment in the categories of Embarrassed Naked Female, Practical Joke, Humor, or Adult School!



Shrinking Fetish

Poor Ashlynn Taylor!  Ever since she was shrunk by Dr. Cyclops and added to his collection of tiny women all she’s wanted is to get away and get back to a normal life!  After her last escape attempt failed, she’s been working hard to get back into Dr. Cyclops’ good graces.  Today he’s allowed to let her at least go outside and get some sun in the backyard.  She’s always looking for her next chance to make a break for it though, and when she finds a hole in the fence it’s time to make another escape attempt.  The doctor warned her there’s a forest on the other side of the fence though, and Ashlynn may just be in for more than she bargained for!

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Practical Joke

Kody Evans is waiting for her husband to get home when she gets an unexpected video call coming in on her computer.  When she answers it she’s greeted by a black screen and a disguised voice that tells her she needs to follow instructions if she ever wants to see her husband again!  Before he’ll tell her where to bring the cash though, he has a few unexpected orders first!  He has he dance a strip tease to start!  Kody is completely embarrassing to strip in front of her mysterious caller but what else can she do?  Then he has her do something even more embarrassing!  But when he starts to tell her the final instructions, everything gets crazy!

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Adult School

Dean Nyxon has just finished recruiting Officer Slyyy to her team (see “The New dean Arrives”) when she notices a student pass by the classroom door.  This is noteworthy since the few students that couldn’t be sent home are supposed to be on lockdown in their dorms during the crisis.  So, the two go to investigate and find Ashlynn Taylor sneaking around!  It turns out that Ashlynn is trying to get something from the bookbag she left in class weeks ago, and that something turns out to be a vibrator!  Nyxon and Slyyy decide that strong discipline is called for and before Ashlynn knows what’s happening, the toy for pleasure becomes the tool for discipline!

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In response to several requests after “Nature Walk 2” was released in an updated and remastered form, DFP is proud to do the same for the classic first episode in this fan favorite!  Jackie Stevens is enjoying a walk in the woods one Autumn day when she decides to cool her feet in a creek.  The rocks are slipper though, and poor Jackie takes a tumble into the water!  Not wanting to walk around in wet, soggy clothes Jackie reluctantly strips and hangs them up to dry!  At first, she’s terrified that someone will see her, but she soon realizes it’s a chance to take a naked stroll in the woods!  If only her clothes hadn’t disappeared while she was enjoying nature!

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The world is starting back up again, and with the Shelter-in-Place orders starting to life the hacker known as The Ghost may be losing a lot of his income!  His specialty is hacking poorly secured home networks with security cameras and secretly recording people so he can sell the clips on the dark web!  When he finds a pretty woman, so much the better!  The highest paying clips though are when that pretty woman likes to spend time at home au naturelle!  Today he’s found Alison Rey, and if he’s patient enough he might just manage to immortalize a very personal moment for his customers!

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Shrinking Fetish

Ever since Dr. Cyclops shrunk Ashlynn Taylor, she hasn’t given up on figuring out how to escape from this!  So far all she’s come up with is to play along and try to convince the doctor to unshrink her, but she hasn’t had much success.  So, she’s shocked when one day he offers her a deal out of the blue: if she agrees to not run away, take care of the other tiny ladies, and most of all; still be one of the doctor’s treasure and be available for his every whim and he’ll return her to her normal size!  Ashlynn jumps at the chance to get one step closer to her escape!  Will she be able to keep up the game though, or will the doctor smell a rat?

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Adult School

Dean Nyxon is nobody’s fool!  When she takes over running the DFP Academy she knows she’s the third person in the office in the past three years.  She knows she needs to build an infrastructure that she can control, and the first thing she intends to do is fire the thief that the Vice-Dean put in charge of security!  When she meets Officer Slyyy though, she sees a reason to rethink that decision…TWO BIG REASONS.  Having her own pair of BIG reasons, Dean Nyxon decides that instead of firing Officer Slyyy, perhaps she should try and win her over to the cause, and Dean Nyxon has a very effective incentive program!

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Not long ago, Kody Evans confessed that she has an ENF fantasy that she never realized was ENF until she started working with DFP!  Today she wants to share it with you!  So, she tells you about her fantasy about being grabbed by two girls she’s been feuding with and stripped naked in front of a crowd before being made to run home naked as the day she was born!  The whole things her so turned on she needs to deal with her arousal even though she knows you’re still watching her!  There is one mystery though: if you listen closely to the way she tells her fantasy, it makes you wonder if this is just a fantasy, or is Kody talking about something that actually happened to her?

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In this fully remastered classic from DFP Jamie Daniels and Sienna Aldridge are two greenhorns from the city that decide to get out and enjoy a nature hike in the woods!  That’s when they make the questionable decision to go skinny dipping in a stream!  Things seem to go more or less okay until they finish cooling off and head back to their clothes to get dressed only to find them gone!  Now you have two naked women in the woods with no idea how they’re going to get back to their car!  Not to mention that someone stole their clothes and they have to wonder if the thief is still out there somewhere and if there’s more to come!

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Like people before her, Nyxon made a bet she was sure she would win…and then lost!  Now she has to pay up on video!  This time there’s one thing different though.  It’s a live video and the winner is there to make sure she doesn’t chicken out!  That turns out to be a good idea as Nyxon tries to stall and avoid paying up at every step!  She does keep her word though, albeit with more than a bit of prodding!  First comes and awkward strip tease and some naked dancing, and then it’s time for the final task!  For a second it looks like she’s going to chicken out as the screen goes dark, but Nyxon does finally pay off the bet, even if she’s mortified to do it!

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It’s time for the second DFP Performer Meet & Greet!  Today they’ll be chatting with another new face at DFP: Kody Evans!  Kody expects this to be similar to the Q&As she’s done for other companies.  Of course, Kody isn’t familiar with DFP’s fans!  It all seems pretty normal, at least at first!  The questions start to get more and more risqué though!  Before long things go from questions to requests, and that’s when Kody realizes she’s lost all control over this Q&A!  Every time she thinks it’s gotten as embarrassing as it can, the DFP fans show her just how wrong she can be!

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Shrinking Fetish

Ever since Dr. Cyclops shrunk her, Ashlynn Taylor has spent most of her time in a shoebox dreaming of her old life.  So, when the doctor is bored and stuck at home, and decides to bring Ashlynn out for a bit of fun she’s all for it!  She keeps bringing up him letting her go, but that’s really not of interest to him.  His plan for today is some dancing!  After that, he has a special toy for her: a tiny, doll-sized sex toy of all things!  It looks like the doctor is going to enjoy his own tiny and private sex show!  Of course, being a scientist he’s not going to miss the chance to collect some…”endurance” data!

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It’s just another day for Alison Rey.  As a rental agent for a trendy apartment complex she shows units to clients and tries to keep the complex as close to full as she can.  Today is going to be anything but normal though!  As Alison is showing a unit that will be available soon to a client, the client seems to keep checking his phone.  He’s not checking his texts though. He’s got a very special app on his phone that literally targets and destroys clothing!  So, as Alison shows the unit, she also shows more and more of herself too!  She’s so focused on making the sale that Alison doesn’t even notice that the apartment isn’t all that she’s showing…at least not right away!

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Tonight’s going to be the big night!  Carissa Montgomery has been seeing someone and tonight the plan is to “seal the deal”!  She’s even getting a ride so she doesn’t need to worry about her car.  Her friend drops her off and she says goodnight before heading off for dinner followed by a night of passion.  However, distracted by her fantasies she doesn’t notice when she closes the car door on her dress!  Her friend drives off, never realizing there’s a torn dress hanging from his car and poor Carissa is left in nothing but a pair of sexy thigh highs and heels!  Now all she wants to do is get home without winding up on the morning news!

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Practical Joke

Garnet Rose is an aspiring performer looking to break into the adult business.  Unfortunately, the first person she meets is a desperate producer whose needs outweigh his ethics!  Under the guise of an “audition” he gets Garnet to agree to come by his office.  He’s desperate for content to fulfill a contract he has with a larger producer, and Garnet is just what he’s looking for.  Acting as if videotaping her audition is entirely normal, he walks her through a series of tasks so he can get the video he needs, and then sends her on her way!  Of course, she might still get into the business…technically she just did!

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The fans have fallen in love with Alison Rey, the newest member of the DFP family!  So DFP arranges for the fans to enjoy a short video chat with the lovely lady so they can talk to her and get to know her better!  Things start off well enough.  Alison greets everyone and welcomes them to ask whatever they’d like to know.  Of course, these are DFP fans, and before long a certain risqué element creeps into the interview!  As Alison tries to keep the fans happy she gets more and more embarrassed as things go from a bit risqué to downright steamy and Alison is mortified as she tries to play along!

Download Video until 6/9/2020



Part 2


Alora Jaymes, Keira Luvv, and Zhaddie Grey are stuck in their house staying safe, but it can be really boring too!  So when DFP issues them a challenge they’re all ready to accept!  The game is a classic: strip poker!  The rules are also pretty simple.  Each lady gets 4 items of clothing of her choice, no more and no less.  The lowest hand each round has to take something off.  The game continues until 2 of the 3 have no clothes left and if a player loses a hand but doesn’t have an item to take off they have to perform a task chosen by the other 2.  When 2 players are nude, all 3 will play one last hand, and the loser of that hand, no matter who it is will get “The Big Penalty” finally in part 2!

Download Video until 6/8/2020



Part 1


Alora Jaymes, Keira Luvv, and Zhaddie Grey are stuck in their house staying safe, but it can be really boring too!  So when DFP issues them a challenge they’re all ready to accept!  The game is a classic: strip poker!  The rules are also pretty simple.  Each lady gets 4 items of clothing of her choice, no more and no less.  The lowest hand each round has to take something off.  The game continues until 2 of the 3 have no clothes left and if a player loses a hand but doesn’t have an item to take off they have to perform a task chosen by the other 2.  When 2 players are nude, all 3 will play one last hand, and the loser of that hand, no matter who it is will get “The Big Penalty”!

Download Video until 6/7/2020


“THE BULLY remastered”


Another remastered classic from DFP updated to modern viewing standards!  Lydia Lael is a classic “good girl”.  She goes to the “right” school.  She has all the “right” positions on everything from spirituality to same-sex relationships.  Tara Tied is different.  She’s from the wrong side of the tracks as they say.  So when the two encounter each other in the woods, Tara can’t resist taking Lydia’s clothes and send her home!  The next time they meet she ups the ante and sends her home in even less!  What’s a poor little rich girl to do about a bully? Well, Lydia comes up with a plan…!

Download Video until 6/4/2020




The hacker known as the Ghost is at it again!  The pickings are getting slimmer, but today he’s finally found another treasure!  Nyxon was given a security system and the giver’s heart was in the right place but his network skills could have been better.  It only takes a second for the Ghost to get past the password and take a peek through the cameras, and it’s a second well spent!  Apparently there are a lot of ladies saving on laundry by spending their time in self-quarantine au naturelle!  All he need to do now is be a little bit patient until her own boredom and natural urges get him a big payoff!

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Sexy Slyyy was on the set one day back before we all had to take a mandatory vacation from the world, and we made a bit of a wager.  Unfortunately for Slyyy, she lost the bet!  Well, ever since then she’s been coming up with one lame excuse after another to avoid paying it off!  So, I finally offered her a compromise: instead of having to make good on the bet in person she could just make a video to send over instead.  So she finally put on her sexiest outfit to dance a striptease before the REAL show begins with her plastic costar!  Well, never let it be said that DFP is selfish, so now you can check out the show yourself!

Download Video until 6/2/2020



Practical Joke

With everyone stuck inside right now, it’s the perfect opportunity for The Ghost!  He’s not a real ghost of course.  He’s a hacker and he haunts people by hacking into their home security systems and using their own cameras to spy on them!  Sometimes he finds people doing something really embarrassing and sometimes he finds people doing something really kinky…and every now and then he finds someone doing both!  Today he strikes gold when he discovers Nadia White!  This lithe beauty apparently likes to be VERY comfortable around the house, but it’s hard to decide whether the world discovering her taste in sex toys might make her a bit less comfortable!

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