In the 1980s DFP Productions began producing photography in the classic pin-up styles of Gil Elvgren and Art Frahm more out of love for the then almost unknown genre that would eventually become known as ENF (Embarrassed Naked Female) years later than anything else.  The genre had existed for decades, but at DFP it was updated to more contemporary expectations (i.e. steamier with more skin!).

At the end of 2008 we expanded into video production, using the teen comedies of the late 70’s and early 80’s as our inspiration.  The idea was to see if the world was ready for a professionally run production company that focused on embarrassment.

By the Autumn of 2015 DFP had become the #1 company producing original ENF videos on the internet.  So, we decided to expand our product line to include productions in other genres in addition to ENF.  After a few years of testing other areas, and more than a few false starts, DFP started a line of Adult School videos based on the fictional DFP Academy, a private school, for young women 18 to 25.  This genre dove-tailed wonderfully with ENF, and so could be integrated into the existing company.

Then in 2018 DFP began a new production line based on the Practical Joke genre.  This fit with the two pre-existing lines, and so it’s been working equally well.


This is a site for information and promotion regarding current projects and performers with DFP

So this is where you an find out about upcoming projects, order custom videos made to your own specifications, and see what DFP and ENF is all about.  So please enjoy getting acquainted with the company and the talented, sexy ladies that have made us #1 in ENF, #1 in Adult School, and now #1 in Practical Jokes!*

*Based on standings by category at Clips 4 Sale, the largest fetish video site on the internet as of May 9TH, 2019.


The COVID-19 safety procedures are having particular effect on the Adult Industry for obvious reasons.  Many studios have shut down completely.  DFP is working to continue production by trying something new and highly experimental.  We’re calling it “virtual bookings”.  We are in talks with a number of performers, some of whom would be new faces at DFP, who have the ability to film footage in their homes which will then be sent to DFP via the internet where it will be edited and prepared for release.  The goal of course, is to stay within Federal guidelines while continuing to release new material. We ask that you bear with us during this emergency, and understand that since some of these ladies are new and there’s no chance to provide real time direction, they may need some patience from everyone as they learn what’s being looked for since this is a somewhat unique market.  Please also understand that their situation will vary from performer to performer.  Some are shut in on their own, and so will need to shoot content with the camera on a tripod and no one else involved.  Some are with a roommate or partner and can use a camera person.  A few have access to home studios and can shoot at a higher end.  This is going to be a learning curve on both ends as they get feedback after each “booking” and improve while DFP learns which performers are reliable and able to consistently produce. This also means that various genres will be more affected than others.  ENF, Humor, and Practical Jokes will somewhat have possibilities.  However Adult School and Shrinking Fetish content will probably be on hold until we can get back to the studio.

Thank you for your patience during this situation, and for your continuing support. Stay Safe Everyone!

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Our Latest Embarrassed Naked Female Release:

Monday, July 6TH

“Becoming the Next Scream Queen”

Our Latest Adult School Release:

Friday, July 4TH

“DFP Academy:


Our Latest Practical Joke Release:

Sunday, June 21ST

“Buddy Bracelets”

Our Latest Humor Release:

Sunday, July 5TH

“The Stepfather Stopgap”

Our Latest Shrinking Fetish Release:

Sunday, May 31ST

“A Little Adventure

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