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Sometimes there’s something you’ve always fantasized about, but have never found anywhere.  DFP Productions is happy to work with you to bring your dream to life!



There are two different types of customs.  This not something that can be debated, and this will be based on the ability of DFP to be properly compensated:

1.  Standard Custom Video:  This is the bulk of the projects DFP Produces.  Although less expensive than Special Order Videos, Standard Custom Videos must meet all the following requirements:

–  There must be at least one nude female role.

–  The storyline must be in the Embarrassed Nude Female, Adult School, or Practical Jokes categories.

–  The video cannot involve fluid transfer or anything else that would require talent testing.

–  The minimum planned running time For a Standard Custom Video must be at least 15 minutes.

2.  Special Order Video: If a video doesn’t fit the requirements for a Standard Custom Video, it may still be something DFP can produce for you.  However, since DFP will not be able to market the video in order to be compensated, there will be a fee as well as the normal production costs.


Projects will almost always begin with an email from you.  When you send your email please be as detailed about what you’d like as possible.  There’s little point in being coy since DFP can’t include something if you don’t tell us you want it.  It will greatly speed up the entire process if we can get to the details as quickly as possible.

Once a project’s details have been determined, DFP will send you a pricing estimate.  If the cost fits your budget, then we’ll moving on to payment and pre-production.  If not, we can look at the original outline and see what we can do to make it fit your budget.

Once the price has been agreed to, payment will be made.  When payment has been received, the pre-production will begin, such as scheduling the shoot, buying any required wardrobe and/or props, and securing locations if needed.  Once the shoot has been scheduled you will receive regular notifications regarding progress.


“How soon will my video be ready?”

It’s a very understandable question, but there is a need for a realistic perspective as well.  Several factors can affect delivery time: if a requested model is traveling, she may not be available immediately.  If a project has multiple performers, coordinating everyone’s schedules to find a day where everyone is available will likely take longer than finding an available day for a single performer.  Other factors may affect scheduling on a case-by-case basis as well.

Once a video has been filmed, it will usually be edited and available for download within 7 days.  You will receive a notification with a download link that will remain active for another 7 days.  DFP is notified when a video has been downloaded.  If circumstances do not permit you to download a video within the time it’s available, a specific day will be arranged to make the download available as long as it has not yet been downloaded.


Here are the pricing guidelines for 2019:

–  Performers’ fees are the bulk of any project’s costs.  Although pricing does sometimes vary for specific performers based on rates and content, the basic rates are $100 an hour for nude performers, $90 an hour for performers baring their breasts and/or buttocks, and $80 an hour for non-nude supporting roles.  DFP is currently looking at potentially using male extras.  If this does become a possibility, then these performers will be available as non-nude supporting roles at $80 an hour, or if NO specific dialogue is needed, AND no interaction with the principal performers is required, they should be available at $50 an hour just to appear in the background.

–  Physical goods (wardrobe, props, etc.) will be included in the cost, as will the cost of location rentals.

–  One problem that can occur is that most performers have a two-hour minimum for bookings.  This means that custom videos will need to be worked into existing shooting schedules.  However, DFP can offer a Rush Fee: if a client wishes to pay the basic rate for an additional hour ($100/$90/$80) for each of the performer’s then the shoot will be given immediate priority.  It is assumed that this will not be a common occurrence, but it is available.

–  Content will greatly affect cost.  Basic Content is included in the standard pricing.  Additional Content will increase the performer’s rate by 25%.  Premium Content is 50% more, and Extreme Content will cause the rate to increase by 200% to 500% depending on that specific project.

–  Special Order Fee. As mentioned above, a standard video that DFP can produce for a client will only cost the price of production and DFP will get compensation by making the video available for sale.  However, if for some reason DFP is unable to sell the video then compensation will be included in the cost.  In order to arrange the performers, schedule the shoot, make any necessary purchases, shoot the video, and do any post-production and/or editing required DFP will charge $500 for these services.


There are a few notes based on previous experiences:

–  YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE VIDEO.  You are commissioning DFP to produce a video to your specifications and will receive the first copy of that video.  However, DFP retains ownership and copyright of the video and is the only party authorized to release it to the public.  This also applies to purchases of videos from DFP’s retail sites by the way.

–  Although these are not guaranteed in any way, a general rule of thumb for scheduling is that local performers are usually available within 30 days, regional performers within 60, and traveling performers cannot be predicted.

–  Pricing is always based on estimated production time, which is different than the running time of your final product.  For example: a performer talking to a tripod-mounted camera for 15 minutes will rarely take longer to shoot than the running time of the video.  On the other hand; a collection of scenes supposedly taking place over a week will necessitate multiple wardrobe changes and that same 15 minute video may take an hour or more to produce.  This means that these two videos will likely have significantly different costs.


Yes, you may get a cheaper price from another producer.  As a consumer you have the right to shop where you please.  However, remember that classic warning: “caveat emptor”.  If a store is filled primarily filled with videos where the camera was on a tripod and one or two people sat on a sofa talking, you may want to consider how well such a person can produce an extensive multi-scene script with multiple performers.  I would suggest hiring the proper person for the job.  A cheaper producer can easily handle a simple video, but if you want something that’s more story-intensive or detailed, then you won’t go wrong with DFP.





Age: 43     Height: 5’6″     Weight: 110 lbs.     Measurements: 34D-26-32

Eyes: Blue     Hair Color: Blonde     Hair Length: Long


Age: 24     Height: 5,1″     Weight: 100 lbs.     Measurements: 30A-25-32

Eyes: Green     Hair Color: Brown     Hair Length: Very Long


Age: 27     Height: 5’6″     Weight: 120 lbs.      Measurements: 34C-24-35

Eyes: Blue     Hair Color: Purple     Hair Length: Long

Goddess Valora is only available for non-nude castings.


Age: 30     Height: 5’3″     Weight: 110 lbs.     Measurements: 32B-24-34

Eyes: Blue     Hair Color: Blonde     Hair Length: Shoulder

Orias is only available for non-nude castings, and implied or semi-nude castings on a case-by-case basis.


Age: 29     Height: 5’6″     Weight: 117 lbs.     Measurements: 32D-25-32

Eyes: Blue     Hair Color: Blonde     Hair Length: Collar


Age: 30     Height: 5’5″     Weight: 119 lbs.     Measurements: 32DD-22-25

Eyes: Green     Hair Color: Brown     Hair Length: Long


Age: 35     Height: 5’5″     Weight: 130 lbs.     Measurements: 34C-24-35

Eyes: Green     Hair Color: Blonde     Hair Length: Shoulder

Vicky is only available for non-nude castings




Age: 19     Height: 5’4″     Weight: 115 lbs.     Measurements: 34D-26-32

Eyes: Blue     Hair Color: Black     Hair Length: Long


Age: 25     Height: 5’2″     Weight: 110 lbs.     Measurements: 32A-26-36

Eyes: Brown     Hair Color: Black     Hair Length: Long





Age: 30     Height: 5’3″     Weight: 140 lbs.     Measurements: 34B-25-35

Eyes: Hazel     Hair Color: Blonde     Hair Length: Long


Age: 39     Height: 5’6″     Weight: 140 lbs.     Measurements: 34D-27-38

Eyes: Hazel     Hair Color: Brown     Hair Length: Medium


Age: 36     Height: 5’5″     Weight: 110 lbs.     Measurements: 34C-24-35

Eyes: Brown     Hair Color: Brown     Hair Length: Long


Age: 31     Height: 5’10”     Weight: 130 lbs.     Measurements: 38DD-35-39

Eyes: Brown     Hair Color: Red     Hair Length: Long


Age: 20     Height: 5’6″     Weight: 130 lbs.     Measurements: 36D-27-40

Eyes: Brown     Hair Color: Brown     Hair Length: Long


Age: 28     Height: 5′ 8″     Weight: 130 lbs.     Measurements: 34B-26-36

Eyes: Hazel     Hair Color: Brown     Hair Length: Long


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Here is where you can see if any traveling models are currently scheduled, as well as any special offers available at DFP.

MARCH 24th & 26th ONLY

Five-Year DFP veteran Audrey Sugarsmak will be in Florida and available for custom videos late night, public shooting Sunday March 24th, and in the studio for solo and multi-performer shoots on the afternoon of Tuesday March 26th!

NOTE: All Orders must be finalized (all details agreed to and payment received) no later than Wednesday, March 20th.


*DFP Productions, LLC reserves the right to decline any custom video order for any reason.

**Although as accurate as possible based on previous experience, DFP Productions, LLC makes no guarantees regarding performer availability as such matters are beyond company control.  DFP Productions, LLC will make every effort to insure custom video orders are completed as quickly as possible.

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