In the 1980s DFP Productions began producing photography in the classic pin-up styles of Gil Elvgren and Art Frahm more out of love for the then almost unknown genre that would eventually become known as ENF (Embarrassed Naked Female) years later than anything else.  The genre had existed for decades, but at DFP it was updated to a more contemporary expectation.

At the end of 2008 we expanded into video production, using the teen comedies of the late 70’s and early 80’s as our inspiration.  The idea was to see if the world was ready for a professionally run production company that focused on embarrassment.

By the Autumn of 2015 DFP had become the #1 company producing original ENF videos on the internet.  So, we decided to expand our product line to include productions in other genres in addition to ENF.  After a few years of testing other areas, and more than a few false starts, DFP started a line of Adult School videos based on the fictional DFP Academy, a private school, for young women 18 to 25.  This genre dove-tailed wonderfully with ENF, and so could be integrated into the existing company.

Just a few months ago DFP began a new productions line based on the Practical Joke genre.  This fit with the two pre-existing lines, and so it’s been working equally well.


This is a subscription site, and so there is a presumed understanding that the site is for those people who wish to get regular ongoing access to DFP releases.  At any given time, the previous thirty days of videos released is available on the site along with a Classics Corner where subscribers can vote for up to six older clips are made available each month.

This site is not an archive of the thousands of videos DFP has produced over the past decade.  Please do not subscribe if you want to get everything DFP has ever made.  You won’t.  What your subscription gets you is ongoing access to every video released during the period of your subscription.  $30USD for 21-22 videos with a retail value of over $300 every month is a pretty sweet deal as it is.

So now you can become a member of a site where there’s a new video FIVE DAYS A WEEK, from the company that’s #1 in ENF, #1 in Adult School, and now #1 in Practical Jokes!*

*Based on standings by category at Clips 4 Sale, the largest fetish video site on the internet as of May 9TH, 2019.


This site is provided as a courtesy to our customers.  There are costs involved, and the income per video is MUCH lower than at our Clips 4 Sale storefront.  Because of that:

There are no “TRIAL SUBSCRIPTIONS” offered at this site.  It’s a fan site.  If you’re not familiar with our work, you’re not really a fan.  We’d love for you to be a fan though, but before you pull out your wallet and make a commitment we’d really like to suggest that you check out a few clips at our

Clips4Sale Storefront

so that you can make an informed decision.

This site is aggressively monitored.  Subscribers who abuse the site by signing up for a month and then canceling to prevent rebilling will be flagged.  Repeatedly doing it may result in the abuser being banned.

So, if you’ve decided that you want everything DFP produces at the lowest price possible, and you want to be a member here at our private clubhouse…

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Our Latest ENF Releases:

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Our Latest Adult School Release:

Monday, July 15TH

“DFP Academy:

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Our Latest Practical Jokes Release:

Saturday, July 13TH

“Cosmetic Consultation

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